Rhombus update

2012 April 27

It's been over a year since I posted about Rhombus, but I've finally got an update.

I've just released the Rhombus demo app on the android market. I've also refactored the whole thing and have put up the RhombusLib Android library project on GitHub.

I've also used RhombusLib to create a for-pay Android app AgeChecker to read drivers licenses to verify someone's age. I hope to sell this to a few liquor stores and bouncers. There are dedicated hardware terminals that do basically the same thing which sell for anything between $200 to more than $400 apiece.

I mentioned in the previous post that Rhombus can read track 1 with a shim to offset the card. I've discovered a cheap and easy source of shims. Those twist-ties from garbage bags do a pretty good job, though not perfectly precise.

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