I breaka you face

2009 June 13

Once again, I got a funny idea in my head, and have implemented about half of it. This takes live webcam video (though it works equally well with static images) and divides it up into triangles. These triangles are then independently rotated at various rates, while retaining the original uv texture mappings. The result is a trippy shattered mirror effect.

Click to subdivide further, though after about 2 clicks the video performance seems to lag.

The subdivision algorithm is recursive, and divides each triangle into 3 new triangles by selecting a point near the center (randomly offset a bit) and using that to divide into 3 sub-triangles. It starts with 4 triangles, and does one division round before ever showing the video.

I have a version that also has the triangles fall off the screen. I like that, and think I'll try to turn it into a transition for a slide show.

Get the source.

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