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Work In Progress: Mean-shift tracker

2009 February 09

I've been trying to come up with an efficient visual tracking system to complement deface. Here's a work-in-progress mean-shift histogram tracker in < 4k.

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Deface for flash 10

2009 January 11

I've updated the Deface face recognition library that I created last year to take advantage of the new Vector class and some other improvements. <a href="">google code page</a>

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House cleaning II - spooky halloween edition

2008 October 31

All the way from last halloween, I bring you a flash ouija board with an attitude.

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skewy wabbit

2008 October 19

Tricks are for perspective.

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I am the night

2008 October 02

I went to a company Oktoberfest party last night and learned that I have a nickname. Oh, the dangers of working remotely.

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Lazy post: integrated test code

2008 September 11

What do you get when you cross metadata, test frameworks, and awful puns? Read on.

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Specific Keys

2008 September 02

You can stop whining about how tedious it is to write event handlers for specific keypresses. No more switch statements unless you want to use them.

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House Cleaning part I: xeyes

2008 September 01

Occasionally, when I don't have something new to post, I'll have something old to post that was never really promoted enough. Today's installment is a flash version of Xeyes.

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Expose your tool (ExposureUtil)

2008 August 31

Namespace issues resolved, and introspection convenience functions added. The easiest way to expose the functions you want to js.

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Expose yourself

2008 August 30

I'm working on another Utility package. This one to make ExternalInterface a little easier and more flexible to use. Read on for the sneak preview.

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more functional utils

2008 August 30

FunctionUtils continues to evolve. I've added a self-removing event closurizer, and have memoized the memoizers.

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Closurize and pray

2008 August 26

Functional programming is sadly underused. I've made it easy to make extended event handlers, thunks, and cached-input (memoized) functions.

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self-distributing as code

2008 August 01

swf + zip = ?

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baby steps

2008 July 27

First post trying out the blog.

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