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Rhombus update

2012 April 27

Finally, Rhombus released!

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Rhombus: Square skewed

2011 March 25

How I built an app to get raw data off magnetic cards. Some data's journey from magnetic domains to audio to bytes to binary to different bytes to ASCII to the screen of my Android phone.

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Beep-boop. I speak Android (Eyes published)

2011 January 09

It's been a long time since I felt like posting. I guess since I just published an app on the Android market and put this site as my homepage, I should say something about it. :)

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(Re)curse of the IFS

2010 September 25

Just a simple writeup of a toy fractal generator I made while bored at work one day.

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Can we talk?

2010 August 25

I gave a talk on computer vision in flash at the Austin Flash meetup. You shoulda been there.

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cwm: a word game

2009 September 15

A falling tile game for the mochi dictionary contest.

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Herding Cats

2009 July 26

A bit of housecleaning again. Here's an old prototype for a game about herding cats.

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Beyond Hello World - An OO primer and slideshow framework

2009 July 03

The slideshow framework I built to show off the shatter effect is a good way to explain a few object oriented principles. This post explores YAXS (Yet Another eXtensible Slideshow) from the perspective of object oriented design.

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Shattershow: a yaxs preview

2009 June 23

Pictures shatter in a neat slideshow. Showing off some flash 10 graphics and a slideshow framework I'm about to release.

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I breaka you face

2009 June 13

An experiment with the new graphics abilities of flash 10. Divide up and animate live video.

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Work In Progress: Look at you

2009 June 02

Too long without posting. I'm playing with encoding Gifs. Inside: a median cut quantizer for GifPlayer.

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Jar? Jawr? Binks

2009 May 04

Another little zip related utility, this one lets you bundle css and js resources into a zip file to be unpacked and inserted client side.

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Smuggle Improved

2009 April 11

I decided to improve pngsmuggler to make use of the green channel as well. pngs are now smaller, and not bright green. Also, came up with a fun use for it. See inside.

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Smuggle: A png utility

2009 April 04

Prompted by some difficulties people were having embedding really large data in actionscript, I've created a utility to encode an arbitrary file into a png.

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Work In Progress: LookingGlass phase 1

2009 March 30

An idea which has been kicking around in my head for quite some time has now clawed its way toward reality. LookingGlass is intended to be a transparent interface between ActionScript and Javascript. Phase one: You got your javascript objects in my actionscript!

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You're a mean one, Mr. Shift

2009 March 24

I've polished up the mean-shift tracker code and checked it in to deface. This allows real-time histogram based tracking of arbitrary sized regions in an updating bitmap. Read on for an explanation, video, and demo.

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Site makeover

2009 March 23

Figured it was about time to spiff up the site a bit. I hope you enjoy the improved layout. Details in the, well, details.

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Sad Site

2009 March 12

Comments are off for the moment. We can't have nice things.

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Stick it in 4k, it's done

2009 March 10

Face tracking, 3d, and music in 4k. Oh yeah. And I do not expect to win. This competition is FIERCE.

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Show me some skin

2009 February 10

Playing around in pixel bender, trying to enhance deface, I've created a skin color filter for a prepass.

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